Order Changes

Order Changes

Please be sure to communicate all order changes to us within 24hrs of placing your order. For US customers, please reach out to either the "Chat" button on the bottom corner of the website or to help@pegai.com. For international customers, please reach out directly to the "Chat" button on the bottom corner of https://intl.pegai.com/ since our international team works at a different time than ours.

This includes requests for:

  • Cancellations
  • Quantity Changes
  • Personalization Changes
  • Shipping Address Changes
  • Color Changes

Make sure to include the following (so we can locate your order information faster):

  • Order Number
  • Name
  • Personalization Request (if applicable)
  • New Shipping Address (if applicable)
  • Color Request (if applicable)

We will do our best to fulfill the requested changes and update you as soon as possible about the outcome.

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