What are my personalization options?

At PEGAI, we like to make your leather crafts even more special by personalizing them for you in one of two ways;

TRADITIONAL FIREBRANDING - You can simply add firebrand initials to your product within the listing right before adding it to your cart.

It is an old technique where heated brass letters are hand pressed into the leather, making a permanent and very cool indentation. We do this for 90% of the items we ship to our customers and they love it!

We use Times New Roman font with the following characters available to choose from within the character limit depending on the real estate available on the leather product you are looking at:

  • Latin alphabet letters - upper and lowercase (ABC, abc)
  • Special Characters: , . ! @ # $ % & * ( ) - + ? ♥ “ :

Unfortunately, we can't do anything outside of the characters listed above. No smiley faces or logos.

LASER ENGRAVING - You can select laser engraving for padfolios so we can add your logo and/or artwork on the front.

It is a new technology that etches any artwork/design/logo you want on the product. It burns the design into the leather permanently and very precisely. The sky is the limit when it comes to what can we do with this. Please let us know through email about your preferred location (centered, bottom right, etc.).

Here are a few reminders when it comes to laser-engraved orders:

  • Logo/artwork must be finalized and in .png, .jpeg, .svg, .ai, .psd, or vector format.
  • Black & white logo/artwork preferred.
  • High-resolution images work best (at least 500px minimum).

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