Our Leather

Due to the nature of PEGAI leather, it is expected to have some natural markings on our leathercrafts. We only work with minimal leather finishes to accentuate the hide grain's natural beauty and embrace the imperfect elegance of nature's intention. 

These finish types do NOT cover any imperfections such as bug bites, veins, fence scratches, and other markings that tell a story about the bull’s life. These unique features add an unreplicable character to each piece we craft using these leathers. Usually, that's why our customers prefer us over the mass-market brands.

To us, leather is a living object, and it has to be treated with respect at all stages of this crafting process, which is why PEGAI opts for a more “raw” look of leather with very few treatments. This being said, we are working with the cleanest selection (top 3%) of all hides to achieve a uniquely imperfect character in the end product.

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